Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Scary Underhill

I write this as we complete a car journey from Underhill to Rockledge, Florida.

With the expansion and contraction of I-95's girth and the numbing repetition of Waffle House, Starbucks, animated electronic signs, and the big three burger five fast "food" chains, I am reminded of the scariest thing about living in Underhill: how close it is to the rest of the United States.

Among the rationalizations for the upzoning is to match Jericho in its bid to get bigger. I am happy to leave Dollar General, the Yipes Auto billboard, the Showtime tin can, Clark's dangerously distracting animated electronic sign, the Black Walnut Lane duplexes, and all of the rest of it in Jericho for another year. If the upzoning is a good idea (it's not) then it will be a good idea next year. We can vote NO, sit tight, and wait for the Planning Commission to come up with a thorough report.

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