Wednesday, January 9, 2013


The zoning amendment situation is getting stranger and stranger. ZA's misunderstanding about how to interpret zoning for parcels that span zoning districts at the second PC hearing was glaringly incorrect, and while we were talking about the zoning districts at the Energy Committee tonight it was repeated:

      "The most restrictive district applies to the whole parcel."

Upzoning of Phil Jacobs' parcel at 16 Harvest Run was described as the only thing that might be controversial and said the other zoning amendments as noncontroversial. ZA's misunderstanding of district boundary interpretation makes her statement about the CCRPC housing target being 2000 units seem like a minor error. Consultant's claim that the high density is needed to support the bus and, as ZA often emphasizes, for compatibility with Jericho, frosts the tail-wagging-the-dog cake of strangeness.

There seems to be a search on for justifications for the zoning amendments.

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