Sunday, December 30, 2012

Things you will hear

So far, I have heard a lot of unsupported assertions from the Planning Commission.

"Traditional Development"
The PC is using this to suggest that it is natural to have a substantial village in Underhill. In Underhill, the tradition is just the opposite: scattered settlement in service of unsustainable resource exploitation followed by abandonment. With the extraction of trees, then pasturing livestock, Underhill's buildings have been generally scattered throughout the town along the edges of main roads. With 14 school districts, Underhill was extremely decentralized -- no street network or grid, just roads through town. We do not have grand, old buildings -- not even old mills.

Beers Atlas, 1869

"We Need More Services"
Jericho's Riverside is Underhill's service village, while Underhill has always been the town with the mountain. Jericho, with old mills and substantial villages, is the natural place for services.

"Zoning Is Not Important"
Then why rezone and upset the town's delicate balance of services and resources?

"We Spent A Lot Of Time On This"
Well, not really. Precious little committee time has been devoted to the amendments.

"The Trend Is"
Fashions boom and bust. Following trends is foolish. It must make sense in context.

"The Town Plan Says"
Town plans say a lot of things. Mostly they are work plans for study.

"The Regional Plan Compels Us To..."
That's baloney. The main purpose for the regional plan is to reduce conflicts between town plans not dictate town development.

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